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Research and development of SAFIRE project technologies was completed in September 2019.

Technology reports are available for download along with the open source implementations.

Getting familiar with SAFIRE technologies is straightforward. Start with the reports describing the integrated SAFIRE solution beginning with the SAFIRE Concept, followed by the SAFIRE Integrated Methodology, and then the SAFIRE Integrated Cloud Analysis and Reconfiguration Platform. This will give you a good overview of the SAFIRE capabilities, how to set-up, customise, and deploy SAFIRE technologies for a particular manufacturing system, factory processes or smart product. Further reports describe each of the SAFIRE components and their associated methodologies in more detail, with each being targeted for specific discipline and skill set experts within manufacturing organisations. All of the components are available in open source, along with a Final Project Report summarising the project outcomes.


Integrated SAFIRE Solution


SAFIRE Component details: Predictive Analytics

SAFIRE Component details: Situation Determination

SAFIRE Component details: Optimisation Engine

SAFIRE Component details: Security, Privacy and Trust Framework

The earlier public deliverables from the project are available at the CORDIS site for the SAFIRE project site hosted by the European Commission.

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