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Related Projects

The SAFIRE project is one of several projects that were launched in late 2017 with financial support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme with specific support for increasing European leadership in enabling and industrial technologies. The projects are each undertaking advanced research and development of technologies that will enable the European vision for Factories of the Future to be fulfilled.


A further project was established to coordinate and support the collaboration among each of the newly established research and innovation actions for Factories of the Future. In particular, the ConnectedFactories project will focus on identifying opportunities amongst the Factories of the Future projects to strengthen European impact and will support collaboration on:

  • Common Glossary

  • Standards and Standardisation

  • State-of-the-Art Platforms

  • Legacy System Integration

  • Common APIs and Software Development Kits

  • Interoperability of Platforms

  • Reference Architecture

  • Core ICT Technologies

  • Business Models and Ecosystems

In addition to the cluster of research and development projects supported by the ConnectedFactories project, the SAFIRE project also has close links with technoloiges from the following European Commission funded projects:

  • DreamCloud - Dynamic Resource Allocation in Embedded and High-Performance Computing. The project has developed heuristics for optimisation of mapping to hard and soft real-time many-core platforms for optimisation of real-time systems.

  • ProSEco - Collaborative Environment for Design of AmI enhanced Product-Services Integrating Highly Personalized Innovative Functions with Minimal Ecological Footprint along Life Cycle and Production Processes. The project has developed a set of tools for building context sensitive AmI based Production Engineering Systems.

  • JUNIPER - Java Platform for High-Performance and Real-Time Large Scale Data. The project has developed a Java Platform that can support a range of high-performance intelligent information management application domains real-time processing of streaming data, or real-time access to stored data is required.

Links to additional projects are expected to be established as the research and development within SAFIRE progresses.

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