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Manufacturing of products has become increasingly complex and driven to greater flexibility due to an increasing diversity of product portfolios, demand for more customised products, and shorter time-to-market requirements. To face these challenges there is a need for rapidly adaptive smart manufacturing systems with features for intelligent reconfiguration of production processes and of smart products.

In traditional models of manufacturing, the information flow from product design, over production processes, to the manufactured product has been unidirectional as information flows from the product and process design tools into planning tools and on to production equipment control systems.

In order to improve the manufacturability and re-configurability of products, the product designers need to have more information about how product use affects the lifecycle of a product, and how product design affects the production processes. Currently, product use and product production activities are often separated, leading to low efficiency and high costs for both users and manufacturers. Some of these required optimisations can be carried out by adjusting production control parameters (e.g. improve production quality by adjusting parameters), while others require the reconfiguration of manufactured products.

The primary objective of the SAFIRE project is to develop cloud-based analytics and reconfiguration capabilities that provide:

  1. Both reactive and predictive reconfiguration for both production systems and smart products
  2. Flexible run-time reconfiguration decisions during production rather than pre-planned at production planning time
  3. Real-time reconfiguration decisions for optimisation of performance and real-time production and product functions.

The advanced analytics and reconfiguration capabilities will be based on mastering the big data challenges associated with manufacturing (sensor and process data), enterprise data and smart product data to provide advanced analytics that allow manufacturers to address production system behaviour forecasting and to establish optimisation methods that are integrated in the design and product chain.

The project will deliver big data analytic capabilities that meet real-time requirements enabling dynamic run-time reconfiguration decisions to be made during production time rather than pre-planned at production planning.

Project News

Paper presented at PDP 2018 conference

A paper titled "Value-Based Allocation of Docker Containers" was presented at the 26th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP), Cambridge, UK in March 2018. The PDP 2018 series of conferences provides a forum for the presentation of in the well-established areas of parallel and distributed computing, from industry and the scientific community and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and new ideas at the highest technical level. The…

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The SAFIRE project receives financial support from the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union under grant agreement No. 723634.

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